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Cloud applications, websites, photo retouching, games, advertising

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Check out our games and our Steam games bundle website!

Lift It
3 Coins At School
99 Cent Bundle (discontinued)


If you need an Adsense/Adwords alternative, try our Advertising Network!

89AM Ad Network (discontinued)

Second Life Services

Are you a Second Life user and need a land for rent or some advertising services?
Our Second Life Agency it's your best choice!

Jolbey Rental

Photoshop Services

Photoshop retouching of any kind!
Check our Portfolio for examples or contact us for a request!

Websites design

Websites design from scratch!
Dynamic websites with access to database, protected against SQL Injection or XSS attacks!
Optimized speed and SEO!

Cloud software applications

Web applications accessible from anywhere!
Over 17 years of software development to be able to satisfy complex requests!
Maximum performance guaranteed! Full knowledge from writing code, tuning database and server!


Photoshop images, Website Design.

Heavy Portrait Retouch

Heavy Portrait Retouch

Photo Retouching

Photo Enhancement and background change

Photo Enhancement

Photo Retouching

Suit Change Pattern

Suit Change Pattern

Photo Retouching

Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration

Photo Retouching

Wi-Fi Tables assistance device

Wi-Fi Tables assistance device

Electronic devices

Complex background removal


Website Design

Website Design


E-commerce gaming application

Restauran manager pro


Web application



3D Geo Social Network


89AM Studio.

  • Jolbey Rental


    Jolbey Rental founded in Second Life

    Jolbey Rental starts to provide Second Life services, including automatic advertising, networked adboards, scripted objects and lands for rent.

  • Lift It


    First commercial game

    The first commercial game, Lift It, starts to be developed, will be released later in 2015.

  • 3 Coins at School


    Lift It released on Steam

    Lift it finally get released on Steam, a few months later 3 Coins at School get approved too.

  • 99 Cent Bundle


    Other projects

    During 2016 89AM Studio released an advertising network (89AM Ad Network) similar to Google Adsense/Adwords and a Steam games bundles website (99 Cent Bundle).

  • Tables assistance device


    Tables assistance device

    Combining different skills (3d modeling, 3d printing, software developement, electronics, etc) we have been able to develop an electronic device that could be used to monitor different places where assistance could be requested, for example tables in a restaurant!

  • Restaurant management system


    Restaurant manager pro

    Restaurant manager pro released to the public! RMP is a web cloud application that allows restaurant owners to manage everything from everywhere! Cool features are included in our restaurant management system, such as 3D tables interface!

  • SpottinGlobe



    SpottinGlobe is a 3D Geo Social Network useful to get more visibility to your social accounts or find profiles by geolocation!

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